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WFord Interiors - No Home Office, No Problem!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

It goes without saying, the unexpected thrust into the work-from-home world has thrown more than a few into a wee bit of a tailspin. Pulling together a workspace in the middle of your home can be a challenge for a number of reasons (kids running around, partner also trying to work, small space with no extra room). Meeshie is here to help! It is easier than you think and you most likely have everything you need to get it done.

We wish all our offices could look like the one we created for our client (below), but keep reading to for a few tips on how to create your own home office.

These are times where adapting and working with what you've got is more important than ever. You only need a few things to set up your work from home space. The most important thing you will need is finding a surface that can be repurposed as a makeshift desk. This can be anything from a bedside table, hey, even an ironing board if that's what you need to work with (for those that love a standing desk). Find a location that has good natural light and background for all those conference calls. If it needs to be a corner in your living room or at the end of your dining table, not a problem, work with what you've got. Any sort of table or floor lamp works for additional lighting needed. Last but not least, work is more productive when you are inspired. Don't forget, you can make your makeshift workspace pleasant to look at by adding a pretty table cloth or printed sheet to give it a more put together look. A small potted plant next to your laptop with your favorite mug of tea or coffee always helps as well! Accessorize so it feels good! ~ Work & Be Well, xo Meeshie

Meeshie's Tips

1. Designate your space.

2. Good light source & background (for all those Zoom meetings).

3. Set up your workspace to feel inspired...accessorize!

4. Headphones or earbuds to cut out the noise.

5. Do the best you can with what you've's good enough!

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