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Foraging with Meeshie

No matter the time or circumstance, we can always bring some of the beauty outdoors into our home. I don't know about you, but am I the only one taking more notice of the beautiful plants and nature all around us? I've been trying to incorporate daily walks into my routine and have been blown away by how many gorgeous plants, trees and flowers have been hiding right under my nose...or more truthfully, things I have just never bothered to pay attention to until now. There is a gorgeous world out there for your enjoyment (and I mean right outside your door)! You don't have to go far to bring some mother nature indoors. - XOXO Meeshie

There are no rules for foraging for greenery and flowers, except maybe one, obviously don't trespass. Keep your pickings to sidewalks, parks, and don't wander into people's yards, unless of course you get permission ;). This is a fun exercise in seeing what you can find, looking at things in a new way and finding an excuse to explore your neighborhood!

A couple things to keep in mind that will help you along the way; if you know what you're going to use as a vase, keep that in mind when clipping. Is the vase tall, wide mouth, short, skinny? Keep it's shape in mind when foraging for cuttings that will sit well inside it. Remember to look up! City trees can be a great source for clippings. Los Angeles in particular is bursting with olive trees, eucalyptus trees, bottle brush and magnolia trees! All great for arrangements.

Meeshie's Foraging Tips

  • Don't forget your scissors/ garden sheers & a tote to carry your haul!

  • Keep your eye out for plants with different heights and textures.

  • Cut can always trim down.

  • Remember to strip leaves from stems so they don't rot in your vase.

  • Easy arrangement tip: pick one type of plant or floral and go big!

  • Step back: does it look balanced?

  • Have fun & happy hunting!

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