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Let's Make A Bed!

Often when you are a designer your friends and family ask tons of design related questions. By far the #1 question I’m always asked is, "How do you layer your bed?" Seems simple, but to achieve the look we all want we can no longer use "the bed in the bag." I pull from so many different companies, but I have my favorites when it comes to making a bed. I consider myself an expert in this space after years of testing sheets, duvets, and styles with all of my clients. So here’s the breakdown of my favorites and how I put it all together. -- XOXO Willa

Watch Willa's video on How To Make Your Bed!

Step 1 - The Sheets:

I'll start with sheets. Although all of my clients have different needs/wants when it comes to the look of a bed there is one thing that every single bed needs, sheets! I set out on the ultimate hunt for the most luxurious and soft sheets that last. At one point, I even imported sheets for my personal use from Italy, for more money than i want to admit, and guess what?! They fell apart quickly. FAIL.

My hunt continued until one day I was at a Ritz Carlton Spa. Fancy, I know, but behold! The sheets I was laying on during my massage were the softest thing I’d ever felt. I quickly looked under the sheets for a tag to discover the brand The Comphy Co. I shortly after my massage purchased a set of sheets from them and they rest the say is history...Actually, it was the start of a perfect marriage because I will never buy another pair of sheets as long as I live. Ive converted the pickiest of clients and friends to my secret sheets as well. If you make one investment in your home this would be the thing I’d suggest! They are priced so well and last forever! And if thats not enough, the company is eco-friendly and the sheets actually are scientifically proven to promote better sleep. SOLD! (The Comphy Co. - Use promo code: PILLOWCASE to get a free pillowcase set of your choice with purchase of a sheet set. Don't forget to add pillowcases to your basket first, then enter the code to make them free)

Step 2 - The Duvet:

Next up, the duvet. If you don't have any formal quarrels or struggles with a normal duvet then I suggest getting the one from The Comphy Co., but if you are like me and would rather sleep on the floor than have to stuff your duvet cover I have found your bedding gold! Meet the Duvation duvet cover. With zippers on both sides and super easy instructions one person can stuff a duvet in one min. Personally, I'm finally using a duvet again because of this product. Use code: WF10 for 10% off at Duvation!

Step 3 - Layer:

My final step is to layer! I use a coverlet as our main layering component. Some people call it a quilt but these aren’t your grandma's patterns anymore. Coverlets are usually a thin heavy fabric, that gives you that tidy made bed look, while also having calming weighted blanket effect. Best part is that it provides a barrier from dirt from dirty paws or kids out of your sheets! Mom life! Even if you are in a hurry to make your bed this one piece will quickly make the bed look mess free.

Now that we added our coverlet it's time to get that magazine or Instagram perfect bed look! I like to layer one more lighter layer with a similar color tone to give that textured layered look by adding a throw on top of the coverlet. Throw on a luxurious throw blanket or to make grandma happy, her new knit she sent you that’s been sitting in your closet. Get creative and mix and match with different throw pillow options. Maybe you already have some around the house that you can use. Just moving them around will help you add a fresh look to your bed. Remember to start with Euro or floor sized pillows in the back (like these). As a rule of thumb, big in the back, small in the front. If you prefer a minimal look then just stack your shams on the bed instead sans additional throw pillows.

To get achieve this look, click on the links below!

Comphy Sheets: Use promo code: PILLOWCASE to get a free pillowcase set of your choice with purchase of a sheet set. Don't forget to add it to your basket first, then enter the code to make them free!

Duvation: Use code WF10 for 10% off

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