Willa Ford is the principle designer for WFord Interiors a Los Angeles and San Fransisco based design firm.

Willa's love for interior design is fueled by a blend of her love for style and passion for people. "I don't believe in having one aesthetic as a designer. I believe each client already has an aesthetic and its up to me to make it a reality." After years of traveling the world, and learning how different cities and cultures navigate the world of design, she's able to bring a versatile eye to each individual and help them on the journey to discovering their ultimate haven for where and how they live. "Your space can literally alter your entire life. I am changing people's lives daily by creating these spaces. I don't take that lightly at all. It's the greatest feeling to give that gift to people." Her personal touches throughout a home take it further than just being something out of a magazine, it's something you can truly live in."Design is a lifestyle. If it feels authentic to my client, then my job is done."

Willa specializes in residential interiors and works with architects builders and her WFord Interiors team to collaborate and create everything from your perfect room to your dream home.


amy Morin 


Amy Nece has been working with the WFord Interiors team since April 2015. Her desire for beauty and creativity that stems from a fashion background has led her into the interior design world. "Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. You are able to express yourself through clothing and designing a space is no different. From the fabric choices of pillows, to the color that you put on the wall, you are able to create a space that is a unique reflection of you." 


Learning directly under Willa Ford, Amy is excited to explore and develop her own design style. “Willa is absolutely amazing at what she does! Her aesthetic is very unique and she pulls from all different kinds of styles to create such amazing spaces. It’s encouraging to learn from the beginning that you don’t have to stick to just one style, you can pull from all different centuries and cultures and it will come out just as beautiful.”


Amy is a graduate and a four-year scholarship athlete from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.