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Willa Ford's love for interior design is fueled by a blend of her love for style and passion for people. After years of traveling the globe, and learning how different cities and cultures navigate the world of design, she's able to bring a versatile eye to each individual and help them on the journey to discovering their ultimate haven for how they live. Her personal touches throughout a home take it further than just being something out of a magazine, it's something you can truly live in. "Design is a lifestyle and If it feels authentic to my client, then my job is done."

Willa specializes in residential interiors and works with architects, builders, and her WFord Interiors team to create everything from your perfect room, to your dream home.



amy Morin 


Amy Morin has been working with the WFord Interiors team since April 2015. Her desire for beauty and creativity stems from a fashion background that led her into the interior design world. In July of 2015, Willa and Amy relaunched WFord Interiors together with the intention to become one of the leading bespoke interior design companies in Los Angeles. After tackling the Southern California market, the company has worked throughout the United States, and Canada, with offices in San Francisco, Orange County, and Austin, Texas. Amy is the right hand to Willa's left, and you will see her running installs as well as managing all aspects of the WFord empire behind the scenes. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her clients is what the WFord team loves most about her.

Amy is an undergraduate and four-year scholarship athlete from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a graduate of UNC's Kenan Flagler Business School business extension program.

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